Prayer of the Heart CD
For centuries The Jesus Prayer has been a meditative tool that has helped many experience the unfailing, unfathomable love and mercy of God. Its simple message permeates the soul with a peace and tranquility of spirit that harvests a deep intimacy with Jesus Christ. Jesus' love comes alive through this calming devotion which is now prayed in song by Voices for Jesus.


Way of the Pilgrim
This work is hailed as the greatest spiritual classic to come out of Russia. An anonymous nineteenth century pilgrim searches for an answer to one question: How does one pray constantly? The Pilgrim searches high and low to know what St. Paul meant when he said that Christians should pray without ceasing. Each new place he travels becomes a temporary home for this holy wayfarer whose most prize possession is his copy of the desert monks' instructions in the "Philokalia" This lowly peasant finds truth with simple humility, and in praying "The Jesus Prayer." This edition translated by HELEN BACOVCIN.

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